School Uniform

Forest Moor wants everyone to feel safe, well and comfortable in school and at the same time would like students to show their pride in the school and its values by the way they wear the uniform. We have a school uniform which all pupils are expected to wear and in order to keep the costs to a minimum, everything can be purchased from a range of shops that stock basic school uniform:​


White polo shirt- any plain brand

Grey trousers

Grey school dress, skirt

Tailored grey shorts Easter onwards

Navy Blue V neck jumper

Black PE shorts

White PE polo shirt


White collared shirt

School tie- we will provide this

Grey trousers or Grey school skirt or dress

Navy Blue V neck jumper

Optional tailored grey shorts from Easter onwards

Black PE shorts

White PE polo shirt

Please ensure your child’s name is clearly marked on each item.

Please click below to download the form