Our Therapeutic Offer

Monitoring and Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of Students

“Every child needs to feel valued, involved and appreciated”.

At Forest Moor School we use a program called ‘Thrive’. Thrive helps staff prepare young people for life’s emotional ups and downs in partnership with parents, carers, families and other agencies. Thrive work goes on in all lessons and throughout the school day. The students have shown their resilience in all the challenges they have faced and with support, they are continually  gaining many social and emotional skills that will undoubtedly compliment the academic progress they make.

The approach gives guidance on how to be, and what to do, with children’s differing and sometimes challenging behaviour. As a result, children become more self-assured and ready to engage with life and learning.

Based on neuroscience and attachment research, Thrive provides a targeted intervention. All practice is underpinned by Thrive-Online, an assessment tool and extensive action planning resource that charts progress and measures outcomes.

If you would like further information on Thrive please click here or contact the SENCo, Mrs Parker-Walton by clicking here.