Social Capital Curriculum

Social Capital Curriculum

September 2020


Students on our Social Curriculum pathway are those students whose social, emotional and mental health needs impact their ability to successfully access the school curriculum. They are able to experience more success in the social and community setting. These students have a completely bespoke curriculum offer that will be determined by individual need, interest and ability.

In addition to receiving English, Maths and PSCHE they will also have high levels of experiential learning and vocational provision. The provision is highly flexible and as such is closely monitored so that the best fit for individuals is maintained throughout the academic year.

Every opportunity is taken to develop the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural aspects of the young people’s education both within the school and when off site.

Our intention is to create a bespoke offer which Forest Moor can direct and oversee. Having this pathway will also mean that we can transition students back into the main curriculum of the school as appropriate. Likewise, if current main curriculum students experience mental health crisis which makes it difficult for them to access the curriculum they can be offered this pathway.

The pathway will be determined by the academic, social and emotional needs of the student as well as the physical location of the student’s home.



A nurture model will be used so that students can prepare food and snacks together as a ‘family’. It will be time where child-to-child and child-to-adult relationships are positively fostered and reinforced. This nurture time will provide:

  • Reinforcement of micro-routines
  • Reinforcement of class values through the preparation and sharing of a meal
  • Preparation for transitions using visual timetables
  • Brain games, quizzes
  • Circle time, news round, topical discussions
  • SEAL activities
  • Target setting discussions
  • Celebration of successes

In School

Students will come into school for 2 learning sessions each week.


Students will be able to access, functional skills levels 1&2, GCSE and Step up to English depending on their ability. Students will build basic and relevant literacy skills with a focus on vocabulary and expressive language. Students will experience whole texts and be encouraged to pursue reading for pleasure. The content of the English course will be taught with SMSC embedded.

Students will also access Lexia to help address any gaps in fundamental literacy skills.


Students will access functional skills at levels 1&2, maths Entry level and GCSE depending on their ability. Where possible real life situations will be embedded in the learning linked to personal finance, shopping, household budgeting. Where appropriate maths required for the vocational courses, such as measuring and estimating, will be pre taught.

Students will have access to Manga High to address any gaps in functional maths.


Students will complete NCFE Level 1 awards in Relationships, Sex and Health Education; Awareness of Substance Misuse; Stress Awareness, Alcohol Awareness; Mental Health Awareness; Sexual Health Awareness; Well-Being; Personal and Social Development and Safeguarding in a Learning Environment.

Therapeutic Interventions

As appropriate, students will have Thrive sessions; therapeutic conversations; motivational coaching; careers advice and therapeutic sessions from our school counsellor.

Votes for Schools

VotesforSchools is an award-winning platform giving students a voice on the issues that affect them the most, as well as consistently embedding SMSC, British Values and Prevent.



Students are able to be supported to access a range of college and vocational provider courses which match their interests and aspirations.

The school based team will support students in their college placement and ensure that they can access the courses confidently.

On average, students will access two vocational sessions each week.

Work Experience

Students will be helped to find suitable work experience placements. This may be in the work place or with an accredited provider.