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At Forest Moor School we use a therapeutic approach. We believe that every interaction is an opportunity to support our pupils. We always seek to be therapeutic in our approach to all situations. This can be through the use of therapeutic and empathic language, gestures and caring.

We offer interventions on site and have staff trained in: lego therapy, Theraplay, and restorative practice. Interventions would usually take place on a 1:1 basis for short weekly sessions running 4-6 weeks.

Forest Moor uses a 4 wave intervention system. This is designed to find the best support for our students. See below for our wave descriptors and thresholds:

Internal  External
Wave 1 – Quality first teaching and differentiation for all  Wave 2 – Active interventions Wave 3 – Additional intervention in a place Wave 4 -Additional highly personalised intervention
  • Setting high expectations 
  • Quality first teaching
  • Personalised curriculum and activities 
  •  Personalised targets and process 
  • Quality environment 
  • IPRA
  • 95%
  • RRB
  • In class therapeutic style activities. 
  • Co-regulation activities 
  • Vagal breaks to ensure regulation.

The things we do everyday in our classrooms 

  • Interaction as an intervention.
  • Proactive response to previous challenges.
  • Response to need at ad hoc moments within the day.
  • Managed within school as a priority-based reaction.
  • Individualised therapeutic tool kit provided to some students (after discussion with the SENCo) e.g. fiddle toys, chewelry etc. 
  • Additional planned interventions in a certain place
  • Organised and timed 1:1 support in class from Care Team Intervention plan draw up by behaviour lead (with input form SENCo) reviewed at 6 week intervals 
  • Different to ordinarily available resources 
  • Small group activities
  • Focused strategies and targets sought from an outside agency.
  • Outside agency to support as an alternative provision for the child.
  • PCAP put in place in order to help support the child and their needs.
  • Speech and language 
  • Use of Alternative provision and bespoke curriculum 
  • Exceptional funding applied for to support interventions 
Wave 1 – Quality first teaching and differentiation for all  Wave 2 – Active interventions Wave 3 – Additional intervention in place Wave 4 -Additional highly personalised intervention
All students have EHCP and have been offered a place at Forest Moor

IPRAs inform wave 2 interventions –

Dynamic  assessments of students – at key times. 

Students are unable to to settle within wave 1&2 Wave 3 showing little or no impact. CAMHS or Ed.psych report details specific interventions needed.

School Dogs

Our school dogs are available to support children and can provide a calming influence in school. We encourage our students to take a dog for a walk to support with co-regulation or just to play in the school grounds.



Louie is a 9 year old Labrador who has been working in SEMH schools for the past 4 years. Louie originally started working at Springwell Leeds where he met Oscar and they have both found themselves working at Forest Moor School.

Louie lives with Mr Roberts and his two favourite things are being read to whilst lying on a sofa (or a child) and doing taxi duty to see everyone arrive. Louie works on Friday’s and car shares with Oscar.



Oscar is an 8 year old labrador. He has been working in SEMH for 4 years. Oscar started going to Springwell Leeds with Mrs Crichton where he met Louie. Since then Louie and Oscar have been friends so it is nice that they are back working in the same school.

 Most weeks Oscar is in school on a Wednesday and Friday.

Oscar’s favourite things to do in school are walks in the woods and eating out of bins (which he is not allowed to do). Oscar also likes to meet and greet the students when they come to the main office.



Islay is a 1 year old Black Labrador Retriever who has worked at Forest Moor from when she was 4 months old. She loves going out for walks on the school site with pupils and running around the school fields. She has lots of energy but can also be found at times, sitting quietly on a sofa whilst being read to by pupils.

Islay lives with Mr Plowright and comes into school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Islay is always up for a game of fetch or a cuddle on the floor (or sofa).



Dobby-Nigel is a 5 year-old cocker spaniel cross lurcher.

Dobby tends to come to school on Wednesday and Friday but does make special appearances on other days if he knows we will be going for a long walk!

Dobby loves coming to Forest Moor, he particularly enjoys playing fetch at lunchtime with the students. He also enjoys DEAR time where he falls asleep to all the wonderful stories.



Boo is a six year old Border Collie. She is black, white and brown. She normally is in school on Thursdays.

Boo absolutely loves coming to school to play ball with all the children. She really enjoys taxi time and giving cuddles and kisses to the students as they arrive in school.

She loves going for walks around the school site.


Duncan Curley-Dance

Duncan Curley-Dance turned one year old on the 3rd of June 2023 (Gemini). Duncan is a miniature dachshund, but he identifies as a cat.

Duncan first started working at Forest Moor School when he was just three months old, so he is fairly new to his role as a therapy dog, however Duncan has made tremendous progress and this has been noted in his Performance Management meeting.

Duncan resides with Miss Dance, he rules the roost and he keeps Miss Dance in line at home and at work.

In school Duncan hangs out with Isla (Mr Plowright’s Labrador). Isla and Duncan both enjoy running around, chasing each other, and we believe that they are in love.

Duncan enjoys spending time in class with the children, but he does not like maths. Duncan loves being cuddled or being sung to, he will howl!
You will see Duncan in school on Wednesday and Friday, please come and say hello, just remember Duncan is very small and we are all giants, so please approach him slowly and if you can go down onto your knees to introduce yourself. I warn you, he does lick!