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Administration of Medicine on Site

It is the Parents/carers responsibility to ensure that the School is informed of the medical needs of your child. If medical needs change, it is the Parents/carers responsibility to ensure that this information is passed on to the School in a timely manner.

There are strict protocols regarding students accessing medication during the school day.
These are:

  • Only doctor-prescribed medicines, i.e. those with a white pharmacy label which states the student’s name and instructions for administration can be given to students.
  • Medicines must be handed into reception with clear instructions for use, for recording and safekeeping.
  • Staff can only witness and record the time at which medication is taken. They will not give the student medication.
  • It is the Parent’s/carer’s responsibility to ensure medication is correctly supplied at the School and that all medication is in date.
  • Any medication not collected from the School prior to the summer holiday will be disposed of.
  • Parents/carers must keep the School informed of changes to medication.
  • These protocols apply to all medicines.

Parents/carers are welcome to come into the Academy during the day to administer medicines if necessary. Those wishing to do this should contact the Administration Office, in order to make appropriate arrangements.