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Uniform Example - Male

Uniform Example - Male

Uniform Example - Female

Uniform Example - Female

 At Forest Moor, we want to remove as many barriers to learning as possible. This includes the use of a school uniform. At Forest Moor we encourage students to wear the uniform provided (badged hooded jumper or badged V- neck jumper).

However, Forest Moor understands that due to sensory processing difficulties some students may choose to wear appropriate clothing that meets those sensory needs.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of appropriate clothing:

  • Back or dark trainers or shoes (wellington boots if required)
  • Plain black/grey or dark jogging bottoms, trousers or shorts
  • T-shirt or appropriate jumper
    Coat for outdoor activities
  • We would encourage students to wear clothes that cater to the weather as school can become hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

Appropriate clothing is not:

  • Steel toe cap boots or similar
  • ‘Mallet’ branded trainers or other shoes that cause damage to the school floors
  • Short t-shirts that reveal the torso
    Clothes with inappropriate or offensive logs

For more information please see our Behaviour & Relationship Policy.

Our policy does not cover hairstyles or hair colour as we would encourage our students to explore and feel comfortable with their own individuality.